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10 Important Lessons Interns Learn Working at KC

10 things i learned

There are a few key lessons we hope our interns learn from working in an agency setting at KC. Lesson one: you will be expected to write a blog post.

  1. No amount of higher-education will fully prepare you. Every agency functions differently, so while you can learn the basics in your classes and think you’ve got a good idea of what the workforce is like, come in with an open mind because you might be very surprised.
  2. Asking questions is encouraged. You know the old saying, “Measure twice, cut once?” Well, same goes for asking questions within an agency. Ask two questions for every one you think of, then act. No one is expecting you to know everything, and asking questions indicates that you care about what you’re doing and that you want to continue improving. Asking different members of the agency to take a walk to get coffee is a great way to get people to open up and talk to you about their roles. A lot can be learned in a 15-minute walk to the coffee shop!
  3. Don’t stop taking notes and doing the research. Take time to listen and write down things you don’t understand to Google later, or discuss with a coworker. For example, lots of acronyms are used in this business, and there’s nothing worse than forgetting to write down what CPM or FPO mean and going to meeting after meeting with a half-arsed understanding of what’s being discussed.
  4. Be prepared to work with people who are really, really passionate about their jobs. In school, its common for people to work to get assignments and tests completed as quickly as possible just to make the grade. Agency people can be (almost neurotically) passionate about what they do, and they will not want to just do things the easy way, but rather, the right way. It’s going to be in your best interest to help them do whatever you can to get the work done.
  5. Dive in to other departments. While creative is a huge and incredibly important job done by some insanely talented people, many other roles exist that help keep the agency running smoothly, and it’s important to understand what each of them does. You’ll learn early on that it takes more than one person to develop a great campaign.
  6. Come to work ready to have a good time, every day. While almost everyone takes their jobs seriously, we at KC believe in the power of work/life balance. Some of the comforts of home even exist at the office: we have our own bar (https://members.kctruth.com/), we bring our canine children (dogs) to work, and we are serious about puzzles. We walk in the door with a good attitude and a readiness to get shit done. Oh, and we may swear occasionally, but we’ll never use any BS words. (See number 8 below).
  7. We don’t do gossip or politics. Not saying we don’t have our fair share of political discussions at the lunch table while we work on crossword puzzles. Or talking about how scandalous it was that Arie proposed to Becca then dumped her two weeks later for Lauren on The Bachelor (we’re so obviously #TeamBecca); we just don’t internalize that kind of behavior. We treat each other with mutual respect no matter our job titles.
  8. Tell the Truth, and nothing but. At KC, we have a “no BS” policy. We don’t beat around the bush and we’re definitely not going to sugar-coat things. Here, it’s more important to solve a problem than engage in unnecessary formalities, and at our core, we help our clients Find the Truth of their brand.
  9. Take advantage of the consistent schedule and having no homework. Instead of rolling out of bed, running across campus to make it to class on time, hitting up the cafeteria for a quick lunch, making your way to the library to study for your online exam, then getting coffee before you settle in for your Tuesday evening lecture hall…(oof!) we think you’ll start to like the consistency of the 9-5. Plus, there’s really not much homework involved.
  10. The Freshman 15 has nothing on the “Office 15.” Did someone say birthday treats? Or bagels for the newbie? What’s that, a holiday potluck? How about the Cookie Cart, they accept credit cards now!!! There are going to be so many of tasty and delicious temptations. But hey, you’ve got a consistent paycheck now, so maybe you can finally afford that gym membership and everything’ll be fine!