Aspiring Creative Kylah Westerman Fills Agency Internship

Creative Agency Intern Kylah WestermanIf you happen to stop by KC in the next few months, you might catch a glimpse of our new Agency Coordinator Intern, Kylah (not Kayla). If you don’t see her at the front desk, she is most likely color coordinating the eight flavors of La Croix that flood the fridges or juggling the other duties she is tasked with daily.

After graduating early from the University of Wisconsin—Madison with a degree in Communication Arts: Radio, TV and Film, Kylah began studying at Brainco and held a copywriting internship at Griffin Archer before moving on to KC. She hopes to learn as much as she can about how an agency runs and what goes into making great creative, so that someday soon she can be a great Creative herself.

When she is not busy working, going to class or doing homework, you can probably find Kylah kicking back with a puzzle, eating carrots with hummus, or watching TV. She loves Broad City, penguins, shoes, and everything gymnastics. Oh, and advertising. Put advertising first.