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What Google’s Delay of Cookie-less Means

As you may have heard, Google announced that due to advertiser push back their phasing out of cookies would be delayed to late 2023. Frankly, that’s not surprising. Having attended numerous webinars and panel discussions, as well as reading my fair share of industry articles on the topic, it seemed to me as though no one, […]

The Getting to Know You Game: Pandemic Edition

In the last year, we’re thrilled to have added eight new KCees to our team. With agency culture being so important to us, one of our newly developed skills (brought on by the pandemic) is getting to know new hires without being able to corner them at the coffee machine or ask them to give an […]


Advertising in a Cookie-less World

While it is scary to think how a cookie-less world will create an even higher wall around the gardens of Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. it is the right time for marketers to work together to challenge the status quo; to push for greater standardization and communication around relevance and control, in an effort to minimize […]