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KC Welcomes Morgan Masiak as Digital Media Strategist

Morgan Masiak joins KC as a digital media strategist. She spent some time as an analyst for Kohl’s before moving to the Star Tribune, where she brought her analytical skills to the world of programmatic media. From small companies to large corporations to organizations like the Minnesota Timberwolves, she’s helped them all.  To the ever-changing […]

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3M Takes Over the Airport

To help 3M raise awareness about visual hacking and promote a discount, KC took a tradeshow’s worth of messaging and executions right to business travelers on-the-go—in the airport. The takeover included multiple window clings, backlit signage, CNN tv spots, video ads, IP targeted programmatic ads, and even an installation in one concourse.

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It’s Time to Kill the Business Card

We’ve been in the digital renaissance for what seems like 20 years. Why are we still handing out business cards? It’s 2019. Glaciers are melting faster than ever, polar bears are struggling to find food and China is no longer taking our recycling. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg, am I right? Did […]

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The ABC’s of A/B Testing: Email Marketing

  Email marketing is an effective tactic to directly communicate and engage with existing and prospective customers. Although it is likely your email lists are highly targeted to the appropriate audience and/or contains individuals who have opted to receive information from your company or brand, it is imperative to continuously hone those lists and the […]


KC Evolves with New Leader

  Agency brings in new leader with focus on growth and innovation for clients.  Minneapolis, MN – Kruskopf & Company (KC) announces the arrival of Chris Actis to the agency as President and Chief Growth Officer. Chris is a digital native in marketing communications and media and has worked in client and executive leadership roles […]

KC Eats: An Ongoing List of our Favorite Food Discoveries

At KC, we’re all about finding the truth…and great places to eat. One of the main qualities of anyone that works at KC is curiosity. We all have it. We all encourage it. Part of curiously is getting out there and trying new things: new technologies, new advertising channels, new ideas…and, of course, new things […]