Creating a Magnetic Attraction for 3M

New campaign for 3M COMPLY Magnetic Attachment System is helping “attract” more people to 3M Privacy Filters

The latest simple yet ingenious privacy filter innovation from 3M is all about improving the experience. 3M COMPLY Magnetic Attach for Monitors uses the power of rare-earth magnets to make attaching and removing the privacy filter a snap. (Or in this case, more like a “click.”)

In the new era of hotdesking, open environments and shared workspaces, monitor privacy is critical. This new innovation hopes to improve the experience by allowing users to keep sensitive or confidential information on their screen protected from visual hackers while allowing them to easily share their screen when needed. It will be especially useful in industries like banking and healthcare that require high standard of privacy but where people occasionally need to share information on their screen with others.

KC Truth helped develop the naming and messaging strategy and produced all creative work to ensure a successful launch. The work—which includes digital video, programatic display and social content—focusses on demonstrating how users can magically make visual hackers around them disappear by simply “clicking” the privacy filter on and off their screen. 

If you’d like to find out more about this project and see how we can apply smart, bold thinking to solve your business challenges, contact us anytime.

See the launch video