We’ve all heard that fermented foods like kombucha and kimchi are good for you—even trendy—but how does a dietary supplement ingredient that is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system, in the same way, take advantage of this consumer trend? This is the challenge KC has been tackling for EpiCor.

What is EpiCor?

EpiCor is a first-of-its-kind fermentate ingredient that taps the natural power of fermentation to deliver immune and gut health benefits to vitamin and supplement products. Although fermentation is an ancient process that dates back to 6000 BC, science is still learning about the positive effects fermented foods have on gut health and the immune system. EpiCor functions like a “postbiotic” by providing the nutrients resulting from pre and probiotics without the digestive process.

In plain English, it delivers the benefits of fermented foods like kombucha and yogurt without having to eat or drink it.

A first-of-its-kind ingredient with a one-of-a-kind origin story.

While EpiCor started as an additive for animal supplements, the insurance company for the Diamond V plant in Iowa noticed that plant workers weren’t calling in ill as much as their spouses and the office workers. An independent study confirmed that plant workers exposed to EpiCor did indeed have healthier immune systems.

Attention is bubbling up.

With a unique backstory, EpiCor (and its parent companies, Diamond V and Cargill) has caught the eye of supplement producers and lifestyle brands looking for alternative immune-boosting ingredients. For example, Gwenyth Paltrow’s Goop offers an immune-boosting chew called “Perfect Attendance.” One of the main ingredients? EpiCor.

How KC is feeding the trend.

KC has helped EpiCor roll out a robust B2B campaign, getting the word out about this unique, trend-forward ingredient so supplement companies can get ahead of the fermentation game. Beyond the programmatic media campaign and bold creative, KC has developed a consumer campaign to help with consumer pull-through by tapping into the fermented food and micro ingredient trends. The consumer campaign is designed to not only build awareness, interest, and demand, but to prove consumer demand for fermentate exists in the marketplace.

While results are still TBD, the early results are in: the world is ready for EpiCor.

The problem with working on-the-go: You can’t take the cubicle with you.

3M, the experts in screen privacy, wanted to raise awareness among business travelers that visual hacking can happen anywhere (especially while traveling for work), but that it’s easy to protect the sensitive information displayed on their screens with the help of a 3M Privacy Filter.

What better place to show someone how they can get some privacy in a public place than at the airport? 3M wanted to reach these business travelers to get the message purchase a privacy filter on the spot or request privacy filters from their organizations’ IT manager. To sweeten the deal, 3M partnered with CDW to provide a 20% discount on laptop privacy filters.

Photo of a 3M Privacy Airport Banner with the headline "Leave visual hackers at the Gate"

The airport takeover approach.

To get the word out, and make it stand out in a busy airport terminal, KC created an airport takeover campaign that splashed the campaign messaging all over, including multiple window clings, backlit signage, CNN tv spots, video ads, IP targeted programmatic ads, and even an installation in one concourse manned by a street team.

The middle seat will never be the same again.

Photo of a 3M Privacy Airport Display with the headline "Going to LGA? Make sure your private information doesn't go to SFO."

The program was such a success, that not only did 3M see a massive sales lift, but they have extended and expanded the campaign to other airports across the country.

Animated GIF of a 3M Privacy geofenced digital banner advertisement

Geofenced digital display ads appeared when business travelers entered targeted airports.

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We had fun with this one! Check out our latest (and loudest) work yet for ONE20, featuring the finger of one of our own.

ONE20 truck wrapONE20 Truck wrap

“Raise your hand if you’re in favor of the ELD Mandate.”

Franchisees are busy people. So how can a franchisor help them improve their marketing when the world of media is changing rapidly? That’s one of the questions we tackled in a recent webinar. If you missed it, you can watch it here. And be sure to sign up for more insights and truths from KC. 

KC recently partnered with ONE20, a free membership and new app for professional truck drivers and suppliers. The online community includes truck-safe navigation, exclusive discounts from partners, and insights from fellow drivers on places, amenities and deals that make life on the road more convenient, enjoyable and cost effective.

It all began in February 2016 with the “Truck That” campaign, which has been extremely successful in reaching over 2.1 million truckers monthly, and it will now live permanently in the ONE20 app as a curated social media platform. The platform supports drivers and the everyday issues they face on the road, and it provides a space for them to sound off about life behind the wheel.  Truckers are encouraged to share their on-the-road moments on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram using #truckthat.

KC designed an RV wrap to supplement the ONE20 brand launch last month. The guerrilla marketing will reach drivers on the road and at shows, and introduce truckers to the new app. The loud, attention-grabbing wrap taps into the mindset of truckers and inspires drivers to join the trucker community. The RV shows the benefits of a ONE20 membership and how it appeals to their lives on the road, so drivers know they aren’t alone.

mobile advertising

HealthPartners came to KC with “Make Good Happen,” a brand expression developed in 2013 as the company combined with Park Nicollet. “Make Good Happen” created a unifying position for all areas of the new HealthPartners to rally behind. Two years from launch, HealthPartners and KC recognized the need to deepen not only the messaging, but the emotional connection to the audience.

The Truth about healthcare consumers is that they are highly skeptical, and believe most health organizations are the same. They want a partner they can trust, and one that offers a unique benefit.

To uncover the Truth about HealthPartners, KC led a Truth Session with key business leaders to drive the evolution of Make Good Happen. In this session, research was discussed that revealed that for over a decade HealthPartners members and patients had the best health outcomes in Minnesota. KC took this insight and brought it to the forefront, evolving the creative into a campaign that focuses on this solid point of differentiation, and breathes new life into “Make Good Happen.” KC also positioned HealthPartners as the partner we all need, highlighting their passionate, caring culture dedicated to improving health for all.

To launch the campaign KC developed a fully integrated media plan with an emphasis on digital channels. The campaign launched in August 2016 with digital display, online video, radio, television and newspaper. See the work.

We worked with Patterson Dental to create D5, a new program for dental students and recent graduates interested in private practice dentistry.