Earlier this year KC partnered with 3M Display Materials and Systems Division to create a brand video and a cohesive content campaign to drive traffic to 3MScreens.com and increase sales of 3M™ Privacy Filters.

Through a combination of owned and third party content as well as engagement, KC created a unified look and message directed at C-Suite and IT audiences across all social media channels. Pictures and stat graphics illustrate the threat of visual hacking, and relevant hashtags such as #visualhacking and #privacymatters create organic conversations while driving the audience toward a 3M solution.

The brand video raises awareness of visual hacking in a fun, engaging way, and the social media response exceeded expectations. While the average click-through-rate (CTR) is .08%, our 15-second video had a CTR of 2.22% on Twitter. The videos garnered over a million impressions as a result of paid efforts, and the 60-second ad had an above average engagement rate of 23.29%.

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We got lucky when we acquired Plasti Dip as a client, because they came with an exciting fan base. KC wanted to reach those fans through a social media strategy that accompanies the energetic creativity surrounding the brand.

The Simple Truth

Plasti Dip is the original. It’s affordable, easy to use, and removable. The flexible, rubberized coating was developed 40 years ago to coat tool handles, but now it’s selling more than ever before, thanks to the fans we lovingly dubbed “Dipheads”. KC wanted to join in on all the fun, so we keep it casual and lively while connecting with Dipheads on social media. They’ve embraced their new name.

Dipheads Unite!

Fans have been sharing usage ideas online in recent years, so we created a space for creativity to shine, and it’s dippin’ awesome. Last fall we launched DipheadsUnite.com, a central site for Plasti Dip products, news, and—most importantly—the greatest rabid fan base. Every month we reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to find the latest red rims or green guitars to feature on the site.

Dipheads are encouraged to share their DIY (Dip It Yourself) projects online with the hashtag #DipheadsUnite, and we repost the best on Plasti Dip’s social media accounts. From dipping kitchen appliances to frosting windows and pearlizing cars, Dipheads have done it all. We share their projects to inspire other fans and remind them that Plasti Dip is the original. Accept no imitators.

We also write a monthly blog highlighting unique craft ideas, new products, and events such as the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), to further engage the online audience of auto fanatics, handymen and women, and creative crafters.


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We first started working with 3M on privacy filters for computer and laptop screens. Since that first successful relationship, our work has expanded across multiple businesses through the entire company. Read more


KC developed this new ad for 3M Defense to appear in the program for the 115th annual Army-Navy football game to reinforce their support and appreciation for all that our warfighters do for our country.

The ad serves as a reminder of 3M’s dedication to bringing together their vast resources of products, technologies, processes and materials to figure out pretty much any military or defense need. 3M is proud to develop products specific for the warfighter, too including: helmets, eye protection, hearing protection and body armor that increase the safety, comfort and capabilities of our soldiers.


Avionté, developer of unique software solutions aimed at helping staffing companies run their business more smoothly, approached KC to help them redefine their brand. What is truly unique about Avionté (and they’re not afraid to tell you) is their passion and culture. Those two things are what make them able to provide their customers with the best solutions and the best customer service in the industry.

KC set out to bring passion to the forefront of the brand, and to differentiate them from competition in look and feel. The “This is our code.” campaign (launching this fall), is bold and confident, yet humble. The campaign brings the magic of software coding to life visually and is used to house the messages that make up the “code” of Avionté. Messages such as, “</Nothing_not_included.>” showcase the passion Avionté puts into putting their customers first.

The unique campaign is sure to jump off pages and screens within the software industry, and give Avionté the recognition they deserve.

Laying out the facts to simplify senior-focused healthcare.

WellMed, senior-focused healthcare clinics in Texas and Florida and part of UnitedHealthcare, approached KC with a positioning problem. “How can we clearly communicate to seniors and differentiate ourselves during open enrollment period, and beyond?”

As part of the creative brief process, KC became particularly interested in the footnotes of several WellMed documents that were referencing a qualitative study on the effects that WellMed care has on seniors. The results of this study were clear; WellMed helps seniors live longer lives.

KC proposed a simple, yet powerful, message that takes the citation from the footnote to the headline. Rather than qualifying the statement with endless disclaimers, KC’s strategy was to celebrate the study’s discovery that WellMed helped seniors live longer lives.

With this message as a foundation, KC developed brand concepts and tactical messaging to be used to educate seniors during Open Enrollment Period for 2014.

With a passionate, near rabid, online fan base and a gaping hole in consumer marketing, Plasti Dip tasked KC with connecting with their consumers and growing their fan base like never before.

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Recently, KC was hired by 3M Specialty Display Systems to develop an integrated campaign aimed at C-suite and IT security leaders to drive enterprise sales of 3M privacy filters. In order to motivate the target to action, the agency coined a new term—“visual hacking”—and developed a two-prong campaign to leverage the idea. This unique approach was designed to heighten the level of emotional intensity around visual breaches and highlight a major flaw in many organizations’ IT security plans. Namely, that traditional hacking prevention measures can’t stop visual hackers from potentially obtaining sensitive information from any unprotected mobile device or computer screen.

The first phase of the campaign was designed to raise awareness around the issue of visual hacking and help leaders create organization-wide policies to prevent it. To help lend credibility to the message, the campaign was sponsored by the Visual Privacy Advisory Council, a preexisting group of corporate and IT security leaders dedicated this issue of visual privacy, and didn’t promote 3M products.

The second phase was designed to drive purchase intent and promote 3M as the experts in preventing visual hacking with innovative visual privacy solutions for organizations. The message balanced the positive message that with increased mobility employees can be more productive than ever with the negative that confidential data is now more vulnerable than ever to visual hackers.