In the last year, we’re thrilled to have added eight new KCees to our team. With agency culture being so important to us, one of our newly developed skills (brought on by the pandemic) is getting to know new hires without being able to corner them at the coffee machine or ask them to give an awkward speech at an all agency meeting. Instead, we created a “getting to know you” questionnaire. Here’re a few of the questions, with some of new KCees responses.

Question 1: What’s your favorite room to zoom in?

Sarah: Well, my kitchen table is now my home office. Huge sorry to my roommate who now eats on the couch.

Question 2: What’s your at-home coffee situation like?

Natalie: My husband has turned into a coffee barista… turning me into a bit of a coffee snob. Every morning he meticulously crafts a Chemex pour-over, honestly some of the best coffee I’ve had.

Grace: I have a basic Mr. Coffee machine, but it gets the job done!

Question 3: What’s it like not having to worry about commuting to a new job and finding parking?

Kevin: My car is sooo much cleaner because I’m not eating breakfast in it

Question 4: What are you most excited to do when everyone is back in the office?

Alex: Being able to have a 5-minute conversation instead of a 30-minute meeting two Tuesdays from now

Jamey: Celebrate all the birthdays, holidays, and celebrations we’ve had to miss over the last year. I can’t wait for that first in-person party in Truth Bar!

Question 5: Finish the sentence: “Truth is, starting a new job during a pandemic is ____________”

Lauren: “Truth is, starting a new job during a pandemic is challenging. But I’ve learned a ton about my learning, working and communication styles and I feel very lucky to be a part of the awesome and patient KC team 😊 !”