We’re proud to announce another new addition to the agency’s crew of smart, bold thinkers. Lauren Anderholm joins KC Truth as Account Manager. Lauren brings a wealth of diverse  experience to her clients—from working at Regis Corporation on corporate communications and marketing analysis to her most recent stint at the Mall of America as Community Relations Coordinator helping manage marketing initiatives and tactics around non-profit partnerships and events. Her time spent in wedding planning has gifted Lauren with an ability to listen to her client’s needs and deliver results they’ll love. Outside of work, Lauren enjoys reading, travelling and playing competitive volleyball (both indoor and sand). In other news, the agency is starting a volleyball team. Anyone dare to take us on?

We’re excited to extend another warm welcome to a new passionate problem solver to the KC Truth team. Grace Ebert joins the agency in the role of Account Coordinator. Grace recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in computer information systems and marketing. The past two summers, she worked as a digital marketing intern for MISSION Boat Gear where she focused on email campaigns, social media management, B2B/ B2C relationships and apparel design. She is organized, outgoing and enthusiastic about trying new things. In her role as Account Coordinator, Grace will get a chance to apply that natural curiosity toward bringing fresh, bold thinking to our clients’ business. In her free time, Grace enjoys running, hiking and reading. Hopefully, not all at the same time.

We’re happy to announce the addition (pun intended) of our new Controller, Kevin Lund. Kevin has spent over 15 years working in the finance and accounting fields, including many years locally at Best Buy and SALO, along with 5 years living and working in Toronto, Canada. Throughout those years, he has touched many aspects of all things numbers related —from nuts-and-bolts accounting to planning and forecasting to reporting and analytics to cash flow management to mergers and acquisitions.

Kevin loves diving deep into the details but has just as much fun bringing those details up to help drive more strategic conversations and planning.

Outside of work, Kevin lives just south of downtown Minneapolis with his partner and a big, lovable dog named Milo. In his free time, Kevin enjoys hanging out at the lake, traveling, and exploring new restaurants.

We couldn’t be more excited to count Kevin as one of our outstanding crew of passionate problem solvers. (See what we did there?)

We couldn’t be happier to announce another new addition to our crew of passionate problem solvers here at KC Truth. Welcome to Media Coordinator, Sarah Dybicz. A recent graduate of the University of Minnesota with BA in Strategic Communications, Sarah could also put her minors in graphic design, business management and psychology to good use in the agency. She’s previously held internships at Brew: Creative Media, Minnesota Children’s Museum and Allied Integrated Marketing.

Sarah fosters dogs, has seen over 150 artists in concert, has an irrational phobia of stickers (yes, it’s a thing: pittakionophobia) and her guilty pleasure is the TV show Love Island (the UK version, of course). Sarah has already jumped right in and proven herself to be a wicked smart, invaluable part of our growing modern media team.

Alex Cullen, Media Director

While it is scary to think how a cookie-less world will create an even higher wall around the gardens of Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. it is the right time for marketers to work together to challenge the status quo; to push for greater standardization and communication around relevance and control, in an effort to minimize misconceptions of the role data sources play today.

Relevant advertising isn’t going anywhere, but the accuracy of cookies has long been debated – recent studies have shown that 75% of cookies on mobile devices are rejected 1 and even basic demographic information, like gender or age, are misattributed over 30% of the time.2

Relevance, choice and control for the consumer/customer are the highest priorities for KC Truth. This is why we choose partner platforms like the Trade Desk, who are leaders within the data management space. The majority of ad impressions that are served through the Trade Desk do not rely on cookies, instead opting to use newer identity solutions to reach audiences.

Beyond using the Trade Desk, KC has deep experience at leveraging other cookie-less tactics such as targeting based on contextual or keyword data, directly purchasing inventory from relevant publishers, running ads on Social Media sites (where users are self-identifying their interests, purchase habits, job function, etc.) and for our B2B clients, account-based marketing tactics.

While it may seem like a daunting task, KC is committed to finding new ways, and improving existing solutions, we can create meaningful and relevant connections between our clients and their customers in a cookie-less world.

1 Tracking Cookies are Dead: What Marketers Can Do About It

2 Does Programmatic Advertising Have a Targeting Problem? An Investigation

We’re deeply proud to announce promotions of two rising stars amongst our talented crew of passionate problem solvers.

Shannon Burgess portrait
Shannon Stark has more than earned her new role as Account Supervisor where she’ll help lead clients with her smart, strategic thinking, positive energy and results focus. And in our ever-growing media department, Nola McDonald has moved deservedly into her new role of Senior Media Planner. 
Nola McDonald portrait
 All of our clients will see immediate business value by tapping into Nola’s adept understanding of — and ability to drive results in — today’s modern media landscape from search to programmatic.

Both of these moves ensure our clients get smart, bold ideas that connect the right message with the right audience at precisely the right time.

We are happy to announce Alexandra Bauch as our new Media Director at KC. Alex comes to us from the global consultancy Bain & Company, which acquired Minneapolis-based digital agency FRWD in 2018. At Bain, Alex spearheaded outcome-based media strategies and measurement programs across omni-channel planning and innovation platforms.

Prior to Bain, Alex was at Best Buy as part of a cross-functional team that developed marketing plans for white label brands and external vendors. She specialized in creating testing, reporting and measurement systems to optimize existing and future programs.

During her time at Haworth Marketing + Media, Alex helped lead three of the agency’s top five clients, focusing on high-ROI driving, digital-first approaches across all marketing initiatives.

Alex’s diverse B2C and B2B client experience includes work across Retail, CPG, Casual Dining, Healthcare and Technology.

As an expert across traditional and new media channels, such as paid search, social media platforms, and programmatic media, Alex is a strong leader in strategy and technical execution, who pushes boundaries towards results. She’s regarded as a creative thinker who enjoys working closely with clients and internal teams to identify communication planning approaches that truly deliver on business goals.

We’re excited to have Alex as part of our crew of smart, bold strategic and creative thinkers. And we can’t wait to introduce her to each of our clients over the coming weeks.