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“This is Our Code”: Redefining the Avionté Brand

B2B Brand Agency Avionté Software Brand | KC Minneapolis


Avionté, developer of unique software solutions aimed at helping staffing companies run their business more smoothly, approached KC to help them redefine their brand. What is truly unique about Avionté (and they’re not afraid to tell you) is their passion and culture. Those two things are what make them able to provide their customers with the best solutions and the best customer service in the industry.

KC set out to bring passion to the forefront of the brand, and to differentiate them from competition in look and feel. The “This is our code.” campaign (launching this fall), is bold and confident, yet humble. The campaign brings the magic of software coding to life visually and is used to house the messages that make up the “code” of Avionté. Messages such as, “</Nothing_not_included.>” showcase the passion Avionté puts into putting their customers first.

The unique campaign is sure to jump off pages and screens within the software industry, and give Avionté the recognition they deserve.