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Creating the Center of Plasti Dip’s Online Universe

With a passionate, near rabid, online fan base and a gaping hole in consumer marketing, Plasti Dip tasked KC with connecting with their consumers and growing their fan base like never before.

One of Plasti Dip’s biggest assets is a near endless supply of user-generated content online. In order to harness that energy and join the conversation Plasti Dip needed a website that would act as a hub for loyal fans (which we dubbed “DipHeads”). The concept for the site is all about leveraging existing content, to have users share and create more – and of course show them where they can buy it themselves.

DipHeadsUnite.com is an online destination for DipHeads, and newcomers, to check out Plasti Dip products and news, be inspired by other ideas, and be recognized for their own. Using the web design technique, parallax, on the homepage, and no shortage of fun, quirky animations throughout the site, KC has created a one-of-a-kind online experience that is unmistakably, Plasti Dip.