At KC, we’re all about finding the truth…and great places to eat.

One of the main qualities of anyone that works at KC is curiosity. We all have it. We all encourage it. Part of curiously is getting out there and trying new things: new technologies, new advertising channels, new ideas…and, of course, new things to eat. In that spirit, we offer this continuously updated list of our favorite food discoveries. Looking to try something new? Want great food delivered with passion? Start right here.


(Robb’s Pick)

You gotta love a 12 seat restaurant. What they lack in space they more then make up for in flavor. Known for their empanadas, they actually sold us off of those for the pizza. The margarita pizza was great…an almost a sweet tasting crust, with big hits of salt. We also tried the carne empanada. Wow, killer flavors with a killer side sauce. Don’t look past the empanadas in spite of all the buzz around their pizza. But the big winner here was the caesar salad. It was the best I’ve had in town. Fantastic, big bold rich flavor. Places usually phone those in, not here. Bonus: They serve beer and wine for the win. 🙌🏻  You don’t want want to miss this place.


3749 Nicollet Ave

Minneapolis, MN  55409


Tues-Sun 11-9, Closed Monday