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It’s Time to Give In to Package Envy

Stuff in a pretty package


Statistics say over and over again that it pays to stand out on the shelf. So why do so few companies invest in better packaging?

Kallie Larson, Account Manager

Kallie Larson, Account Manager

Many people say they don’t fall for product packaging marketing. But statistics say, that’s BS. Heck, even I fall for cool packaging, and I work in this business. The typical American supermarket carries more than 30,000 products, all competing for customer attention. In a sea of choices, packaging is your first, best weapon to beat out the competition and become the one product people want to pick up off the shelf.


Seven Seconds to Make a Good First Impression

When you’re walking down the aisle at the grocery store, do you solely make the decision on what to grab off the shelf based on your needs or on what brand you feel the most loyal to? Probably not. Did you know first impressions only take about 7 seconds? It could be the typeface, array of color, or innovative graphics on the package, but if it’s eye-catching to your audience, it stands a strong likelihood of being in their cart at checkout.


1/3 of Product Decisions are Based on Packaging

What draws your attention when you purchase food and beverages? Studies say one-third of product decision-making is based on packaging. When I’m standing in the liquor store trying to determine if I want to pick up that Average Joe Bud Light, I almost always opt for the hipster IPA, based primarily on the can design. Even if I don’t know the beer, I will buy it just so I can look at the can when I drink it. I mean the Summit Boundary Waters Pack, come on, how cool is that? Friends don’t let friends beer in boring packaging.

   Summit Packaging       packaging 


Packaging can Actually Increase Brand Value

Take the RX bar, for example. Genius! The company started out in 2013 as two millennials trying to make it big in the protein bar world. They went from baking these bars in their basement and designing the packaging on PowerPoint to selling their company for $600 million to Kellogg’s this month. Why you may ask? The packaging. In 2015, they went with their gut and put everything out there, literally everything. Real ingredients and that’s it. A simple package with no BS on the label broke through in the market and paid off for the brand value big time.

Rx Bar family shot

70% of Buying Decisions are Made in Store

Why do you think Screamin’ Sicilian pizza did so well? The pizza aisle is an abundance of pizzas in circular or square boxes stating how much cheese they have or boasting about their meat and veggie ratio. Could it be that a cartoonish, mouth-shaped cutout really captures your attention to something rare and exciting? It has been estimated that 70 percent of buying decisions are made in the store. Not to say the Screamin’ Sicilian pizza is better than Digiorno, but hey who wouldn’t buy it just so your guests can be like, “Wow, what’s that crazy wide mouth mustache looking thing in your freezer!?” And you can be like, “It’s a craft pizza! And stop snooping in my freezer, weirdo!”

Why do we do it? Why do we pick the chips that are in the biodegradable package or the bottle of water that makes you look like Kim Kardashian? Is it because you want to feel different, unique and express your individuality? That’s pretty likely, even if you don’t want to admit it.

So, next time when you are worried about taking a risk on that simple and tasteful package or that loud, extravagant design, go for it. You’re taking a much bigger chance by not standing out.