ICYMI: I’m a Millennial

By Kari Johnson
Assistant Account Manager

My name is Kari Johnson, and I’m a millennial.

I’d rather read books on a tablet, I text using acronyms, I turn the news on in the morning but I “read the paper” on the Internet, and I, though I’m embarrassed to admit it, take selfies. I also just learned that Kathie Lee used to host Live! with Regis.

I graduated college in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in… Art. I spent all of my money after my graduation to travel around Europe with my cousin. Then I took an internship because the company was exciting, the work was engaging and the people seemed fun. And I guess because I think corporate social media is important for the brand and that was part of my role.

Contrary to what you may be thinking—that I’m the last person to stumble into the office every morning, searching for the coffee or with an energy drink in hand—I prefer getting to work first. Here are four reasons why I think you should, too:

  • OMG. Oh my gosh. It’s exciting (expensive) and fun (scary) to grow up. If you find an office that encourages, motivates, inspires, and hopefully pays you to show up everyday, you did it. Now you can work even harder… by getting there early. Get there and complete the small tasks you want to (need to) check off your list. Pay that bill. Schedule your doctor appointment. Reply to that email. All before your first meeting. See? Exciting.
  • TBH. To be honest. We’re young and dumb in the workforce. You have past experience and probably some other internships on your resume, but you also have to prove yourself no matter how much (or little) you actually know. Better prove you’re there to work as hard as you do on your social media captions.
  • YOLO. You only live once. It’s actually real. That’s why we take exciting internships as recent grads and spend our money on fun things. Plus, if we only live the once, might as well get out the door and into the office early. Brew that first pot of coffee! Take that anticipated first sip! Scroll through your junk mail and social media amongst the smell of fresh coffee beans! We all like to see what we missed the night before anyways. Might as well do it before your supervisor comes in and sees which mailing lists you subscribe to.
  • FOMO. Fear of missing out. I have it. You should, too. I’m not about to miss out on discussions about work and stories about the funny things people’s kids did last night. And those special days when someone brings bagels or pastries in just because? No one wants to miss that. That just shouldn’t even be an option.

Moral of the story: I got hired on as a full-time employee after my internship. It’s not so bad being the selfie-taking, Internet-scrolling, FOMO-feeling millennial when you can check all of the things off your to-do list before your coworkers even login to their computers. Plus, who knows, maybe the reason I got hired on full-time in the end (besides my humor and work ethic, obviously) is because the coffee was ready when others came in the door.