Intern Taylor Trauger Transitions to Junior Content Writer

Taylor_for website[1]

Taylor Trauger joined KC as an Agency Intern last December and has since worked on a wide array of creative projects, from social media and copywriting for Plasti Dip and 3M, to optimizing the KC website, to proofreading just about everything we put words on.

While running the front desk and juggling administrative duties, Taylor has shown her strengths as a digital-savvy creative and an occasionally helpful contributor to the lunchtime crossword puzzle, so we were thrilled to offer her a full-time position as Junior Content Writer.

Taylor studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Minnesota and Print and Digital Publishing at the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. Before advertising piqued her interest, the 2013 graduate occupied temporary desks at publishing presses, magazines, and nonprofits, and she’s ready to finally end her career as a serial intern and begin one as a writer.