KC Premieres New Podcast: Truth or BS

podcast logo designFirst we built the Truth Bar. Then we made a podcast. Truth or BS is a variety podcast recorded live in the Truth Bar where panelists, guests and entertainers gather to discuss the topics of today. From politics and business to culture and society, both local and global news, there’s only one rule: no BS allowed.

We partnered with Minnesota Business Magazine for the first two episodes, with Editor-in-Chief Steve LeBeau as our bartender and host. And we got John Sweeney, owner of Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre, to be our comedic sidekick. Together we bring in a rotating panel to talk, drink, laugh, and — most importantly — rid the world of BS, to the sounds of clinking glasses and a crooning saxophone in the background.

The Premiere features a panel of local entrepreneurs and authors with discussions ranging from GMOs and Prince to xenophobia and weed legalization. Episode 2: Food is all about, well, food! Chefs, restauranteurs, and a food critic got together to talk about local food trends, industry woes, no tipping policies, and more.

Want to attend a taping? Become a sponsor or panelist? Share ideas for future episodes? Let us know. Listen and subscribe on iTunes and SoundCloud and stay tuned for more!