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We are thrilled to have Alex join us for the next three months as a creative apprentice while she continues to pursue her degree in graphic design.

Alex is a junior studying at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Working in both digital and analog mediums, she has found a home within the realms of collage, animation, and design. Using design as a vehicle of exploration, Alex is constantly searching for the ways in which form and color can coexist within a composition. Her work is an experimentation of dualism and dichotomy, with juxtaposing symbolic elements often intermingling within a single composition. The driving force behind her design creations is ultimately expression and connecting with others through art. So yeah, just in case you couldn’t tell, Alex LOVES graphic design.

During her time at KC, Alex hopes to absorb as much as possible about advertising and the role of design within it. Aside from being a student and designer, Alex also enjoys collaging, petting animals, and crocheting.