Are the New Facebook Changes Anything New?

Our media director gives her quick take on the new changes coming from Facebook.

Media Director

by Jeannette Tschida, Media Director

Have you heard about the big changes coming to Facebook’s news feed? Yep, me too. Here’s my take – this isn’t new news.

Yes, Facebook has been making some changes but these changes are part of an evolution that had started 4-5 years ago when Facebook became a pay-to-play ad environment, favoring engaging posts and prioritizing video. More updates along these lines shouldn’t be a big surprise.

These are positive changes but I also think this is some damage control after Facebook made a lot of money on not-so-authentic, divisive messages last year. These changes are expected to improve the sentiment on Facebook, which aligns with Facebook’s announcement: to “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” and to “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content.”

And did you notice there is no mention of these changes having any effect on Facebook’s ad algorithm? So it’s still a pay-to-play medium, just as it has been for years. However, there has been some good advice for brands on Facebook in the wake of all of this.  Here’s what I thought was most interesting:

  • Don’t rely on Facebook for organic referral traffic
  • Post less on your page but when you do, be sure it’s meaningful and true to your brand
  • Use Facebook ads for awareness and promotion (pay-to-play – nothing new)
  • Don’t be surprised by increased advertising costs on Facebook soon
  • Consider video assets and Facebook Live