No Name Returns to KC for a Second Helping

Once upon a time KC and No Name Steaks did business together. And it was good. A splendid working relationship led to wonderful, memorable creative work that, in turn, led to the strongest sales in No Name history. Well, they say history repeats. And in this case, it’s true. Our partnership was so successful that No Name has returned to KC for a second helping.

No Name is part of J&B Group, a $670M wholesale processor, supplier and distributor of meat, poultry, seafood and frozen foods based in St. Michael, MN. “We returned to KC because they truly get us,” said Mike Hageman, President, J&B Group. “They developed strategies and creative work that helped lift our sales to unprecedented heights. We’re looking forward to reaching, and surpassing, that level of success together.”

We at KC are salivating to get right back to strategizing, executing and yes, we’ll say it, cooking up more excellent creative work. With a client like No Name, “work” isn’t even the right word. Whatever we do, you can believe it’ll be nice and juicy. Welcome back, No Name!