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KC Truth currently has an opening for an Account Director. KC is an agency that cuts through the BS and uncovers truths in order to create meaningful connections for brands with their customers to drive business growth. We also happen to have the ultimate conference room, our Truth Bar.

We are seeking an Account Director who can build and nurture relationships and be a thought leader for clients and agency teams. This person will lead KC’s most important clients overseeing strategic business planning, integrated creative strategy and execution across all mediums including digital and social, media campaign development, and financial stewardship of these accounts. Candidates should possess strong team management and talent development skills as well as business development acumen in both new and organic growth.

If this sounds like you, please send your resume to:


  • Self motivated: Persistence is at your core and you set your own internal goals and objectives. Dive into the weeds, roll up your sleeves, and do work that needs to get done.
  • Sound judgement: Making wise decisions and identifying root causes of issues. Thinking strategically and separating what is a priority.
  • Good communication: Being a good listener and communicate is a way that is concise and articulate.
  • Make an Impact: You like to make a difference and inspire and mentor others. You focus on strong performance over process.
  • Innovative: You challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better solutions.
  • Courage: You say what you think and take smart risks. Stand up for yourself and KC.
  • Entrepreneurial: good at prospecting, networking, agency promotion and cultivating new relationships
  • Positivity: You’re a positive force inside KC, motivated to help the agency grow and it’s staff succeed



Business & Account Leadership

  • Serve as a strategic business leader and trusted client advisor on all aspects of the client business.
  • Earn trust by understanding and enhancing the business and relationship needs of our clients and team members.
  • Offer insights based on past experience and marketing and industry expertise that support the clients’ organization and decision-making processes.
  • Leverage knowledge of how KC offerings can help drive growth opportunities.
  • Lead the creation of annual planning approaches that create alignment across client product and brand groups.
  • Lead the Truth Workshop pre-planning, facilitation, and client deliverable outputs working with the account, strategy, and creative teams.
  • Develop and negotiate Statements of Work to clearly outline expected deliverables and payment schedule and maintain profitable financial stewardship.
  • Work with the client, strategy, and account team to draft clear and actionable creative briefs.
  • Mentor team members, working with them on creating achievable career goals and growth plans.




  • We’re passionate: We are in this business because it is our passion. We care about doing the right thing, making our clients successful, and learning new things to be better at what we do. We don’t let our passion get in the way of empathy and understanding where others are coming from.
  • We’re collaborative: Great ideas come from contributions of all. We are a team and use “we/our” and not “I/my.” This means being respectful of differing points of view, being confident yet humble enough to say we don’t know the answer when we don’t.
  • We’re curious: We are curious about the world and think it is ok to ask lots of questions. We like to learn about our client’s businesses to understand their challenges. We learn by being good listeners.
  • We are bold thinkers: We like to think about what hasn’t been done before. We are curious about new ideas and new ways of doing things. We like to break the mold. We win or fail together, not alone.
  • We are no BS: We’re straight talkers and speak the truth with clients and KCees alike. We believe BS gets in the way of simplicity, and simple is always better than complicated.
  • We’re persistent: We don’t stop until we find a way through the BS to the right answer. We do what we can to solve every problem the best way possible. We are respectful of “no” but can always ask why?