Truth is our agency leaders have some great stories to tell. And if you listen in on these recent podcast appearances, you might just hear a few. Along the way, you’ll learn a little bit about them, the agency, our philosophy, and maybe even get a few juicy confessions.

True Fiction Podcast

Hosted by Patrick Boggs

Our Creative Director, Robb Burnham, chatted with Patrick about the what, where, and how of his creative process.  They also dive into WACSO (Walking Around, Checking Stuff Out), were Robb creates illustrated vignettes of places around the twin cities.

Strategy and Leadership Podcast

Hosted by Anthony Taylor with SME Strategy

Our CEO and owner, Sue Kruskopf, joins SME Strategy to discuss the importance of workplace culture, including her view on “the great resignation”.  Click the link to listen to the full episode!

Ad Chatter

Hosted by David Burn and Dan Goldgeier

Our Creative Director, Robb Burnham, sits down (virtually) with David and Dan to discuss the history and current state of Minneapolis as a “creative city”.  Trust us, you really can’t find a better advocate than Robb, a born and raised Minneapolitian who has years of experience in the music scene, ad scene, and food scene.  Along with singing the praises of The City of Lakes, they discuss keeping the big idea alive, attracting talent to the agency in a competitive environment, and the need for an outside creative practice that stretches one’s creative muscles.  If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out Robb’s site WACSO for his illustrated vignettes.

The Innovative Agency

Hosted by Sharon Toerek

Many agencies choose a vertical and use that to define who they are, what they believe in, and how they are positioned in the marketplace.  But what if you chose to define your agency based on your core philosophy? How would that affect your services, your positioning, and your recruiting practices?  Listen as Sue and host Sharon Toerek discuss how the idea of truth became our core philosophy.

A Shark’s Perspective

Hosted by Kenneth Kinney

What’s some of the wisdom of truth in surviving the agency world over three plus decades, especially during an era that did not include many women owners? Sue provides great insight on the grit and perseverance needed for helping an agency survive and thrive. There’s even a bit about her experience and appearance on Shark Tank.

The Marketing Agency Leadership Podcast

Hosted by Rob Kischuk

Listen in as Rob and Sue discuss starting an agency at 28, reinventing that agency (several times) and how to simplify the complex into a simple truth.

Confessions of a Creative Director

Hosted by Jamie Cabrera

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall at an exclusive Creative Directors-only bar? Well now is your chance!  Listen as our Creative Director, Robb, talks creativity, art, music, and what he wants to do when he retires.  This episode is chock-full of wisdom, real-world insights and hands-down the best confession ever!