Stuff We Love: Food Trucks

Stuff We Love

It’s beautiful days like today that make us grateful for the convoy of food trucks parading downtown every summer. So we asked KCees where they like to go to get their meals on wheels.

Peter: “Hot Indian Foods.”

Sue: “Foxy Falafel. The homemade pickle relishes to put on them are amazing!

Ashley: “The grilled cheese one! O’CHEEZE.”

Jeannette: “The Moral Omnivore.”

Lauren: “I have a few. Hola Arepa #1, Smack Shack, Brava, and Green on the Grain.”

Amanada: “Get Sauced. O’CHEEZE. Rusty Taco.”

Nick:The Anchor. Not much in this world beats a good plate of flakey, golden fish and chips.”

Aron: Butcher Salt. Simple food fare with high-quality taste. The hand-patted slider burgers topped with all the fixings are my favorite, and I’ll take their hashbrowns over regular fries any day.”

Robb: “I feel like it’s cheating because they now have an actual restaurant, but Foxy Falafel is amazing. My rule is if they have a restaurant, the food truck doesn’t count. They’ve sold out. Made the big time.”

What do you think? Can your favorite food truck also exist as a brick and mortar restaurant? Many of these ones do. Or what about an established restaurant jumping on the food truck train—is that worse? What’s your favorite food truck that is only a food truck?