Stuff We Love: Volume 1

Stuff We Love


Occasionally we like to share some of our favorite things, because there’s nothing more enlightening that finding out what in the world inspires people. This time around, we asked a handful of KCees to name some of their favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities.

Sue: Hola Arepa. Great place to eat food you wouldn’t ever make at home. And perfect for kids too.

Dean: Tiny Diner. Go for the great food, feel good about the solar power and on-site herb garden (if you are in to that).

Jodi: Heyday. Believe the hype. Check out Heyday for unique dishes, flavors and textures you can’t find anywhere else in the Twin Cities.

Mike: Victor’s 1959 Café. Cuban breakfast, lunch and dinner served in what looks like a toolshed. Bring a sharpie and leave your mark on the walls.

Randy: Bulldog Northeast. Specifically the Sweet and Spicy Wings. They come out dark reddish black and piping hot, so watch your fingers! And now I’m salivating.