Stuff We Love: Volume 2

Stuff We Love


We could have called this post Stuff We Shamefully Love, but where’s the fun in a guilty pleasure song if you won’t embrace it? We asked the team to stand tall and proudly share the best worst songs they jam to. Listen at your own risk.

Kari “for sure* knows all the words” to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” *This claim has not yet been proven.

Robb was about to jump on the T-Swift train, but he selected the 1970s gem by Player, “Baby Come Back.”

Bailey could name a few T-Swift songs but admitted that Miley Cyrus’s catchy “Wrecking Ball” beats all.

Jeannette said she listens to “anything by Pitbull,” rightfully adding, “I’m so ashamed.” (Unfortunately, our intern refused to provide a link to a music video, but if you’d like to explore Pitbull’s complete collection, come over to her neighbor’s apartment on any freakin’ day at 2 AM.)

Aron’s choice has no place on a guilty list: “Take On Me” by A-ha.