Stuff We Love: Volume 4

Stuff We Love

We at KC are saying farewell to summer in the most Minnesotan way possible: by soaking up the rays (humidity) and indulging ourselves at the State Fair. So we asked for everybody’s favorite fair food, drink, or activity.

Dean: “Scotch eggs with horseradish sauce.”

Robb: “Best fair food hands down: deep-fried jalapeño and cheese ravioli from Vescio’s. Oh, and Poncho Dog—NOT corndogs.”

Ashley: “I love the corn on the cob, cheese on a stick, cheese curds, and buckets of saltwater taffy. I am pumped to try the espresso float!”

Duncan: “Malts from Kiwanis malt shop, ice cream cones from the Dairy Bar, and a glass of 1919 root beer with a scoop from Nitro ice cream.”

Brandon: “My favorite thing about the State Fair is not going to it.

Nick:I like not sitting in traffic or on a bus to get to a place where I spend too much money and rub shoulders with the sweatiest people in the state.”

Amanda:I definitely go to the fair for the people watching! My favorite and must-haves are a Gizmo from Carl’s Gizmo Sandwiches, Karamarczuk’s polish sausage with everything on top (except ketchup, because that’s disgusting), wine slushy from the Minnesota Wine Country, Summit on a Stick, and Tom Thumb mini-donuts. Then you have to go to the bars, pull up a stool, grab a cold beer, and watch all of the people.”