We got lucky when we acquired Plasti Dip as a client, because they came with an exciting fan base. KC wanted to reach those fans through a social media strategy that accompanies the energetic creativity surrounding the brand.

The Simple Truth

Plasti Dip is the original. It’s affordable, easy to use, and removable. The flexible, rubberized coating was developed 40 years ago to coat tool handles, but now it’s selling more than ever before, thanks to the fans we lovingly dubbed “Dipheads”. KC wanted to join in on all the fun, so we keep it casual and lively while connecting with Dipheads on social media. They’ve embraced their new name.

Dipheads Unite!

Fans have been sharing usage ideas online in recent years, so we created a space for creativity to shine, and it’s dippin’ awesome. Last fall we launched, a central site for Plasti Dip products, news, and—most importantly—the greatest rabid fan base. Every month we reach out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to find the latest red rims or green guitars to feature on the site.

Dipheads are encouraged to share their DIY (Dip It Yourself) projects online with the hashtag #DipheadsUnite, and we repost the best on Plasti Dip’s social media accounts. From dipping kitchen appliances to frosting windows and pearlizing cars, Dipheads have done it all. We share their projects to inspire other fans and remind them that Plasti Dip is the original. Accept no imitators.

We also write a monthly blog highlighting unique craft ideas, new products, and events such as the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), to further engage the online audience of auto fanatics, handymen and women, and creative crafters.


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Plasti Dip

The Star Tribune featured Minnesota-based Plasti Dip and its recent business growth thanks to fans and followers on social media sharing usage ideas and boosting sales.

Read the full article here.

With a passionate, near rabid, online fan base and a gaping hole in consumer marketing, Plasti Dip tasked KC with connecting with their consumers and growing their fan base like never before.

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