The (Real) Power 50—They’re Just Like Us!

Sue was recently named a member of the (Real) Power 50 in Minnesota Business Magazine, an honor bestowed to “the connectors in their industry, the heart of the operation, the people who make things happen.” We have always known that Sue is a bold, entrepreneurial, and fearless leader, but now others are starting to notice. Still, being the humble leader she is, Sue’s determined not to let the award go to her head.

The Real Power 50 - Sue Kruskopf DSC_4416_retouch_shower_brush

Looking like a leader. Every day before work Sue goes through her morning routine—just like us!

The Real Power 50 - Sue Kruskopf DSC_4437_vaccum_dishwasher_2

No job too small. Even members of the (Real) Power 50 have to take care of their chores—just like us! 

The Real Power 50 - Sue Kruskopft DSC_4385_wine

Supporting her team. Sue can’t finish the Friday New York Times crossword—just like us!

But seriously… whether she’s seeking new business opportunities, meeting with clients, or contributing to creative projects—and, let’s face it, she’s likely doing all of those things at once—Sue gets the job done. She leads by example and empowers her team to tackle anything and strive for success with integrity. We couldn’t be more proud to have her as a leader.