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Find your truth. Do remarkable things.

We solve problems others can’t using our creativity and curiosity. We boldly pursue truth above all else, because truth is power. We fight BS, because the world needs less of it. We are a group of remarkable individuals doing remarkable things together.


We love remarkable people

Want to join us in our mission? See if one of the opportunities below is right for you. We’re not just an equal opportunity employer, we fight for equality every day.


Media Planner

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For humans, by humans

The agency business has done itself no favors. Burning out talent and creativity is not a sustainable model. So we’ve created a new one built on the belief that if you treat people fairly and give them a life, they will reward you with the best work of their lives.

Flexible Hybrid Schedule

Work from home, in office or at our agency Truth Bar. No matter where you do your thing, you’ll be essential and included.

Humane Time-Off Policies

Abundant personal and volunteer days, summer hours and holiday time off, so you can live a life and recharge your idea factory.

Generous Compensation Packages

Great wages and health benefits, plus allowances for remote office setup, phone/internet, and professional growth.


Not just words in a manual

To us, values are not platitudes. They are the actionsand theattitudes wevalueineach other. We love true individuals who contribute to our culture and push us forward by embodying these values their own unique ways. Do these describe you? Perhaps we belong together.


You hunger to learn and grow, question and listen eagerly, and seek out diverse perspectives.


You relentlessly search for truth, do what’s right (not just what’s easy), and are unafraid to ask for help.


You are more about “we/us” than “I/me” because you know we win together not alone.


You speak truth (even when it’s hard), simplify the complex, and avoid office politics and jargon. 


You love what we do in this business, get excited by remarkable ideas, and advocate for truth.


You always think big, punch above your weight, and have the courage to take risks.

Escape the BS

The Truth Bar

The last thing the world needed was another conference room. So, we built a bar. The Truth Bar is an escape for people to gather, share ideas, and challenge each other to find truth, fight BS and do remarkable things. Members — including employees, clients and special guests of the agency — are welcome to use the bar to work, meet or host events. There is only one rule: no BS allowed.  

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