Modern Media

Find truth in data, make an authentic human connection.

In a world of limitless media possibilities, the simple art of connecting brands and people seems forgotten. We use modern media science, data, and technology to help brands cut through and make powerful connections at the moments it matters most.


What makes our media team remarkable

We’re unlike other agencies in ways that will make a positive difference on both your outcomes and your view of what it’s like to work with a media partner.

Strategically Minded

We are smart enough to see the big picture and skilled to activate and analyze across any channel.

Elite Expertise

Global marketing and media expertise delivered with efficiency across non-digital and digital channels.

Uncover Truth

We approach every problem with the same goal – uncover truths to create meaningful connections and drive business outcomes.

Boutique Service

As an independent agency, not beholden to a large holding agency, our clients can rest assured we’re doing what’s good for their business, not our parent company. 

AMIN Worldwide

Member of the global AMIN network. Gives us access to unparalleled tools and technology for insights planning, media strategy, audience/targeting selection and more. 

Challenge Status Quo

We push for greater standardization and communication around relevance and control to minimize misconceptions within media. 

We’ve loved working with KC Truth. They’ve been collaborative not only with our team but a true cross-functional partner with agency teams as well. Together, we’ve brought to life new strategies, tried new approaches and completely changed how we go to market as a business.

Paula W., Client


Media Strategy

Moving people through the power of media

Media is most effective when you capture attention at critical moments of emotional and rational decision-making to build brand momentum and move people to action.

Media Design

Unveiling insights and opportunities

We tap into powerful data and analytics tools to find the truth—uncovering audience, competitive, and media insights to reveal opportunities.


Persona Design

To enable authentic human connections, we create audience profiles that illuminate our understanding of the target audience in terms of motivations one media consumption habits.


Customer Journey

By developing a rich customer journey we can identify key decision points to uncover prime opportunities to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Media Blueprint

Once we understand the target audience, we create a media blueprint that maps consumption habits to media channels and tactics that best deliver the campaign goals.

Media Activation

Global omni-channel expertise

We use our hands-on keyboard expertise to reach target audiences efficiently and effectively across all platforms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We manage Responsive Search Ads, Local Listings, or Shopping Ads across various industry verticals.

Our services include placement-targeted campaigns, market research campaigns, in-platform optimizations & reporting, audits, campaign configurations/architecture, and in-platform training


Paid Social

We drive measurable outcomes across all major (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and emerging platforms (TikTok, Reddit) for our clients.

Our services include high-level strategy development, day-to-day management of various social media channels, including advertising and measurement, and content development.

Display (Programmatic + Direct)

We can expertly manage display campaigns via our hands-on-keyboard Programmatic solution or through partnerships with credible sources. 

Our services include planning, negotiating, buying, and reporting across multiple DSPs and most direct websites


We have multiple years of experience managing full-funnel Influencer campaigns and driving measurable results.

Our services include planning, negotiating, project managing, and reporting with individual influencers or influencer networks.

Shopper Marketing

We have established relationships with shopper marketing partners and platforms.

Our services include planning, buying, and reporting on multiple platforms, including Amazon, Roundel, Walmart Connect, and Instacart.


Video (Linear + OTT)

We manage our clients’ video campaigns holistically across formats and platforms.

Our services include National, Local, and Addressable (OTT, CTV, and Linear) planning and buying.

Audio (Podcast + Radio + Streaming)

We integrate our clients into audio tactics that make the most sense to their audience and objectives.

Our services include terrestrial, streaming, and podcasts (direct or programmatic) planning and buying.


We leverage our strategic partnerships to execute print or digital out-of-home media plans.

Our services include custom installations, guerrilla marketing, print and digital planning and buying.

Media Optimization

Monitoring your media investment

We optimize campaigns in real time and constantly recommend testing opportunities to drive brand growth.

Evaluating Success

Before we activate our media campaigns, KC Truth outlines industry/channel benchmarks and reconciles those benchmarks with historical client (or client proxy) performance. Our in-house media buying capability enables us to make optimization decisions on a granular level. These performance benchmarks help us better decide upon and optimize across the spectrum of KPIs.


Active Campaign Management

Our in-house media buying capability enables us to make optimization decisions on a granular level. We can see and respond to indicators such as high-performing audience segments, media channels and tactics, keyword performance, website metrics (like organic traffic lifts, return visitors, time spent on site), creative wear out, audience response to ad formats/messaging, and budget pacing vs. performance. 


Part of optimization is setting up testing campaigns. We take an agile approach, leveraging data and the speed of digital advertising to help inform strategy, communications, media, and creative decisions. We regularly run small-scale tests with hypotheses to project against performance goals, assess performance vs. competitors, and uncover new insights. Our testing framework and hypothesis development set us up with a roadmap for learning and optimization opportunities that help drive campaign performance. 

Media Measurement

Evaluating the impact of your media

Regardless of budget or channel, KC is relentlessly focused on delivering results that deliver – better yet, exceed our client’s goals. That said, different media objectives require different approaches to success measurement.

Success of awareness-based campaigns

KC Truth focuses on targeted reach, attention metrics* impression delivery, and optimal frequency for awareness-based campaigns. KC Truth often deploys brand tracking studies to measure lifts in crucial KPIs such as awareness, favorability, and intent. 

Success in performance-based campaigns

Regarding media, we have deep experience in mid and lower-funnel campaign analytics. Our in-house media buying capabilities enable us to shift tactics in near-real time. Beyond media metrics such as CPA, mqls, or conversion rates, we have experience helping brands measure the impact media (paid, owned, and earned)  has on sales velocity with or without access to traditional sales data. 

Success in shopper and e-commerce campaigns

Our shopper and e-commerce work revolves around those optimizable metrics important to specific platforms like Amazon, Walmart media, target, instacart, etc. To measure the success of these campaigns, we look at metrics like tacos, ROAS, organic rankings, and reviews.


We’re an integrated agency

When our strategy, creative, and media minds work as one, we are unstoppable—creating a unified solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Even clients that don’t tap into all our capabilities benefit from our integrated expertise.

Smart Strategy

  • Brand Strategy
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Journey Mapping
  • Research + Analysis
  • Digital, Social, Mobile Strategy
  • Audience Research + Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Tracking Studies + Research
  • Market Analysis + Positioning
  • Cultural Insights
  • Ethnographic Research

Bold Creative

  • Brand Ethos + Persona + Voice
  • Advertising Concepts + Copywriting
  • Digital Creative Development
  • Art Direction + Design
  • Digital Video + Television
  • Streaming Audio + Radio
  • Digital Outdoor + Out-of-home
  • Content + SEO + SEM Writing
  • Collateral Creative + Production
  • Brand Guideline Creation
  • Web Design + Content
  • UX Consultation + Design
  • Brand Identity + Logo Design
  • Infographics + Iconography
  • Art Buying + Print Production

Modern Media

  • Programmatic Experts
  • Behavioral Targeting + Retargeting
  • IP Targeting + Geotargeting
  • Paid Social + Digital
  • Paid Search + Keyword Strategy
  • Print + Out-of-home
  • Internet Video + Television
  • Streaming Audio + Radio
  • Audience + Market Prioritization
  • Audience Segmentation + Analysis
  • Psychographic + Demographic Profiles
  • Advanced Analytics + Insights
  • Customized Dashboards + Reporting
  • Real-time Optimization
  • User Tracking + Monitoring
  • Campaign Measurement + Analysis
  • Competitive Tracking + Analysis
  • Social + Content Strategy
  • Influencer + Blogger Programs
  • Social Research + Insights

Let’s do remarkable things together.