The Truth Bar


The world didn’t need another conference room

Looking for a place to escape the typical BS? Tired of staring at your own four walls? Wish there were a place where curious minds could meet and share ideas? When you work with KC Truth, you finally have a refuge.

What is the Truth Bar?

Located just below the offices of KC Truth on the first floor of the Flour Exchange Building in Downtown Minneapolis, The Truth Bar is a space originally designed for holding our Truth Workshops™. But since it’s opened, it has become much more. A true escape for our members to gather, share ideas, and challenge each other to find truth, fight BS and do remarkable things.

Perks of Membership

The Truth Bar is available to all of our members (employees and clients of the agency) to meet and collaborate on a daily basis. The refreshments are complementary, but there is one rule: no BS allowed. The Truth Bar offers all the amenities of a modern office space including a printer and hidden projection screens with the added benefit of not actually being an office. The room is also available to our clients and employees by special request for team meetings, off-sites and private events.

Special Events

The Truth Bar is also a perfect place to host a gathering of curious minds. Over the years, we’ve hosted podcasts, political debates, local business and community organizations, and special guest speakers. We love making new friends, hearing great ideas and challenging conventional wisdom. And there is no better place to do than in a place named Truth.

Truth Workshop™ at The Truth Bar

Align teams, unravel business challenges, and unlock opportunities to propel your brand forward.


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