Truth Workshop

An agile approach to strategic alignment

Part brand strategy session, part therapy session

Finding it hard to align your team around a vision for the future of your brand? Struggling to satisfy differing ideas, shifting goals, and strong opinions in order to move forward? A Truth Workshop may just be the secret weapon you need to align and inspire your team.


What is a Truth Workshop?

A Truth Workshop is an all-day, off-site session, often held in our Truth Bar, where we bring an integrated agency team of strategy, creative and media leaders together with key stakeholders in your organization for a moderated discussion to unravel issues, reveal roadblocks and unlock opportunities to propel your brand forward.

Everyone has a voice

Our team leads a candid, thoughtful conversation from an objective point of view. We open by sharing insights and information gleaned from our own (or preexisting) analysis done in preparation for the day. We then spend most of the time capturing key issues, concepts and ideas around your brand, your category, and your target audiences.

We allow the freedom of ideas and opinions to be heard while giving everyone—whether product or brand marketers, sales leaders, technologist, engineers, or C-suite company leaders—insight into the challenges their colleagues across the organization face.

The power of simplification

The magic happens near the end of the day when we have everyone make the difficult choice of selecting only a few key ideas and issues they view as the most important to be addressed for the brand. Often this is where a previously scattered team begins to coalesce. While there are no answers yet, there is a newfound feeling of clarity and shared purpose created in having gone through this process of simplification together.

Inspiring a vision for the future

After the Truth Workshop, the agency team prioritizes and refines everything we gathered while adding our own insights taken from our own expertise, experience and outside perspective. We then deliver back to your team a rough map and the building blocks for your brands future. Focusing on creating a core purpose and ethos for the brand provides both a vision and inspiration for where the brand can go that is authentic to your brand, unique in the category and most of all relevant to your audience.

Every client we’ve worked with has benefited from the experience in some way or another. And many have told us that the Truth Workshop was one of the best decisions they’ve made for their brand.

Find out if a Truth Workshop could work for you