Truth Workshop


Smart, bold ideas don’t just happen by accident. At KC, we’ve developed a proven process called Finding the Truth. It helps simplify complex business problems for our clients and their brands, and it forms the backbone of the work we create. A Truth Workshop is often a cornerstone of this process.

We’ve conducted many of these over the years, and while it isn’t absolutely necessary in every situation, our clients frequently tell us that they found a Truth Workshop invaluable in helping create alignment with key stakeholders and providing clarity and focus for their brands moving forward.


A Truth Workshop is an all-day, or half-day, off-site session where we gather the key stakeholders—marketing, sales, product engineers, company leaders—really anyone with insight to the situation. The goal is to allow everyone to be heard, to gather relevant facts, to reveal issues, and to enlighten opportunities.

During the session, KC leads and moderates a group discussion to help uncover all the Brand Truths (What are its strength and weaknesses? What are its goals?), Category Truths (What’s everyone else doing? What does the marketplace look like?), and Audience Truths (Who are these people and what do they really want?).

At the end of the session, individuals vote on the most important issues within each area. People often come into a Truth Workshop absolutely certain that they know the most important issue, and by the end of the day, with a broader perspective, they don’t even vote for that particular issue. It can be an enlightening and cathartic experience. And it’s even better when it takes place at the Truth Bar.


KC then takes these truths away to chew on them and add our own insights. We develop a Truth Map which simplifies and distills the key issues and leads to One Simple Truth that forms that backbone of the work we create.

Our goal is to land on One Simple Truth that feels authentic to the brand, unique in the category and relevant to the audience. From there we develop a Brand Ethos which takes things one step further and begins to explore how the brand might express itself through personality and tone of voice. 

At the end of the process, you will have a Truth Map, One Simple Truth and a Brand Ethos. The essential building blocks of smart, bold ideas.