The Founding Mother of Minneapolis Advertising

Sue Kruskopf, CEO and Founding Mother

What this business needs is some cold, hard truth.

In an industry perilously close to being crushed under the weight of its own bullshit, it’s time someone spoke some truth. No one better to do so than the woman many would consider to be The Founding Mother of Minneapolis Advertising, Sue Kruskopf.

As one of the first and still few female agency owners, we think she’s earned the title. Just like the agency she founded back in 1988, she’s unfiltered and unafraid to speak the hard truths clients need to hear.

So, with tongue firmly in cheek, we give you these fundamental, sometimes salty, often thought-provoking, but always undeniable advertising truths.

On “content”

Creating “content” is a cop out. Don’t want to spend a little more energy building a truly unignorable brand? Go ahead, create content.

Content is everywhere and nowhere. It fills every feed yet goes unnoticed. Anyone can make it. Your cousin, your grandma, your cat. If a 12-year-old influencer gets better results for your brand than your agency, it’s not more content you need, it’s a new agency.

On strategy

We’ve all seen them. Thick, jargon-filled strategy decks that impress the board but lead nowhere except a cul-de-sac of dull, uninspired creative ideas. There’s a reason 99% of advertising is wallpaper.

Stop wasting time and money. If your agency isn’t thinking about creative from the jump, they’re doing it wrong. Our strategists, media and creative teams push each other for insights that strike a nerve, tap into fundamental human truths, and spark unignorable ideas.

On taking risks

Despite what your agency may tell you, there are no guarantees in advertising. Yet marketers spend vast amounts of money, time and energy looking for a safe bet.   

But the “safe bet,” is the riskiest move of all. 

Research and data analysis are valuable tools. Used wisely, they create more opportunity for your brand to stand out. Used poorly, as they often are, they lead to milquetoast ideas that might pass the test in the boardroom, but won’t get results in the real world.

On mediocrity

“It’s fine.” Two words that should strike the fear into the heart of every advertising professional.

In this business, mediocrity is death. We have one job, get attention. But being noticed is not for the faint of heart. Feathers may get ruffled. Eyebrows might be raised. Apple carts may get upset. 

Don’t let the fringe voices deter you. It means you’re doing something right. Beyond them lies success. 

On agency BS

Office politics, marketing jargon, egos, bias, assumptions, corporate double speak, status quo thinking. All of it, bullshit. You know it. We know it. And consumers can smell it a mile away. So why is it so prevalent in advertising?

Everyone at KC Truth is wired to detect and destroy BS in our culture to keep it from permeating our work. So our clients know when our strategists, media and creative minds deliver an idea, it will ring of truth, and be refreshingly free of the usual bullshit.

Find truth, rebel against convention, be remarkable.

Looking for an agency unafraid to tell it like it is? Let us help you push your brand to accomplish remarkable.