Health Partners

Making a healthcare brand Good As Hell.

Lizzo’s feel-good track “Good as Hell” (which we’re proud to say we discovered prior to the song becoming a global phenomenon) provided a perfect soundtrack for this video campaign celebrating life’s big and small moments. The campaign unified multiple care brands under a single brand platform that underscored the role Health Partners can play in those moments. Videos appeared on “the big game” and formed the backbone of a comprehensive awareness campaign that included programmatic media to get specific care messages in front the right people (using both geo and psychographic targeting) along with a retargeting strategy to build a meaningful level of frequency and brand awareness for the overall Health Partners brand.

Services Provided

  • Creative
  • Media
  • Strategy


Video & TV

HealthPartners Superbowl
You’ve Got This
Ice Skating



Creating a unified brand platform delivered results that were good as hell, too.

Successful Super Bowl Launch
Brand Presence
Microtargeted Campaigns