Polaris Adventures

We put adventure on the map.

Polaris launched a membership program that allows outdoor adventurers the opportunity to ride a Polaris vehicle—from Slingshots to ATVs to snowmobiles—wherever they want, whenever they want. All this without having to deal with higher premiums at outfitter locations or having to pick up the vehicle from the outfitter (vehicles are delivered to a location of choice).

We created a media plan that drove awareness of Polaris’ new offering, and just as important, got people to sign up. Additionally, we’ve been a valuable partner, leading their test & learn strategy across all content and media tactics. We’ve designed and fielded multiple tests including landing page tests, call-to-action tests, and audience tests, among others.

Services Provided

  • Media

Polaris Adventures


Our wicked smart media minds drove Polaris Adventures well beyond expectations

More impressions with same budget as previous year
Higher click through vs. industry benchmarks
Lift in subscriptions within first six months vs. total year prior