We’re Paying Attention to Attention Metrics

At KC Truth, we’ve always believed that building a brand starts with more than just an impression – it starts with capturing attention. And now we have deeper evidence. Initial findings show that leveraging an emerging class of “Attention Metrics” can drive key brand measurements such as awareness, perception, and familiarity. Attention Metrics go deeper than basic metrics like viewability to help brands understand not just whether their ads were able to be seen, but whether they were actually absorbed by audiences. This makes it possible to optimize campaigns toward placements that are most effective at grabbing attention of a specific audience and therefore have a deeper, lasting impact on the brand.

Moving Beyond Basic Proxy KPIs.

With our access to powerful media measurement partners like Adelaide and Kantar, we’re moving our clients beyond basic proxy KPIs, such as clicks and CTR, toward attention and impact because not all impressions are created equal. The effects of shifting to measuring Attention Metrics (sometimes called Attention Units or AUs) will be wide-reaching, giving our clients a clearer view of campaign effectiveness as part of the full brand journey.

Implementing Inventory Controls to Maximize Potential.

While optimizing towards an attention score (sometimes known as Attention Units or AUs) is possible for all our clients, we understand that there are budget implications to doing so. While Adelaide and Kantar provide access to these new metrics, there are ways for us at KC Truth to maximize attention within the confines of our existing media plans. Across all clients, we control the inventory we buy to ensure the best opportunity to drive attention. By using our hands-on-keyboard expertise, we can control ad size, format, placement, publisher, and viewability

If you are interested in learning more about GA4, or would like to learn more about our media capabilities at KC Truth please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Amber Luebke at aluebke@kctruth.com.  

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