Wiser Women: Is Ageism the Next Frontier in DEI?

Agency founder and CEO, Sue Kruskopf, reflects on our first event in the “Wiser Women” series.

On October 12th, we held our first event in a new series of conversations we are hosting at the agency’s Truth Bar. As I look back on the first “Wiser Women” event, I’m full of pride and hope. When we first imagined this series, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the vibrant capabilities of women who, like me, have crossed the 50-year milestone and still have so much to offer the advertising world.

The discussions dove deep into the industry’s age-old bias, shedding light on the untapped potential of women over age 50 — a demographic with the highest disposable income yet largely ignored by brands. With fewer than 5% of creative roles in advertising firms held by those over 50, the event sought not only to challenge this status quo but also to highlight the immense value of experience in driving a business’s bottom line.

Being a part of these discussions, I felt a profound connection with every story shared and every statistic discussed. It was a revelation to see so many accomplished women like Nina Hale (founder of the now named Collective Measures), Julie Batliner (President of Carmichael Lynch), Laura King (an Executive Recruiter for Women in Marketing), and Mary Meehan (founder and CEO of Metametrix and contributing writer to Forbes) joining forces to dismantle ageism—a barrier that has quietly affected many of us for far too long.

“Wiser Women” became more than just an event for me; it was a step towards the future I envision for our industry. We challenged outdated beliefs, and we celebrated the idea that wisdom doesn’t wane with time.

“Many women feel they have to hide their real age. They won’t even put it on Facebook. Wisdom is a virtue and great ideas come from all ages.”

Sue Kruskopf, Founder and CEO of KC Truth

I’ve always believed that collaboration and honest conversations are the keystones of cultural change. That belief came to life at the Truth Bar, where we tackled the tough questions head-on. It’s clear that we’ve started something special—our dialogue on the subject went beyond just our event and just the advertising industry. Leading up to the event, I had the privilege of speaking on the subject to the Minneapolis St Paul business Journal and WCCO-AM. We can help change how marketers see age, experience, and diverse perspectives. Be on the lookout for ways we are going to lead the way at KC Truth in 2024 and beyond.

As a woman who started as a rebel, building an agency from the ground up, this series was a testament to the journey women like us have embarked upon. I’m grateful for the progress we’ve made and even more energized to keep pushing boundaries. Here’s to the continued success and to the wisdom that guides us forward!

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