Advertising in a Cookie-less World

While it is scary to think how a cookie-less world will create an even higher wall around the gardens of Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. it is the right time for marketers to work together to challenge the status quo; to push for greater standardization and communication around relevance and control, in an effort to minimize misconceptions of the role data sources play today.

Relevant advertising isn’t going anywhere, but the accuracy of cookies has long been debated – recent studies have shown that 75% of cookies on mobile devices are rejected 1 and even basic demographic information, like gender or age, are misattributed over 30% of the time.2

Relevance, choice and control for the consumer/customer are the highest priorities for KC Truth. This is why we choose partner platforms like the Trade Desk, who are leaders within the data management space. The majority of ad impressions that are served through the Trade Desk do not rely on cookies, instead opting to use newer identity solutions to reach audiences.

Beyond using the Trade Desk, KC has deep experience at leveraging other cookie-less tactics such as targeting based on contextual or keyword data, directly purchasing inventory from relevant publishers, running ads on Social Media sites (where users are self-identifying their interests, purchase habits, job function, etc.) and for our B2B clients, account-based marketing tactics.

While it may seem like a daunting task, KC is committed to finding new ways, and improving existing solutions, we can create meaningful and relevant connections between our clients and their customers in a cookie-less world.

1 Tracking Cookies are Dead: What Marketers Can Do About It

2 Does Programmatic Advertising Have a Targeting Problem? An Investigation

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