What Google’s Delay of Cookie-less Means

As you may have heard, Google announced that due to advertiser push back their phasing out of cookies would be delayed to late 2023. Frankly, that’s not surprising. Having attended numerous webinars and panel discussions, as well as reading my fair share of industry articles on the topic, it seemed to me as though no one, not even Google had a solution that would work for most advertisers.

Sure, we all know that companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon want to control the world wide web, but advertisers are stepping up and collectively saying for the first time, “This can’t happen.” It’s great to see that it didn’t take anti-trust lobbying and government regulation to at least temporarily prevent this. The good old-fashioned “Will of the people” won the day.

As I’ve previously written, the cookie-less future is something we are tracking very closely, but our clients need not worry. In addition to the myriad types of targeting we leverage (contextual, keyword, etc.) and the way in which we find relevant audiences (panel-based vs. FLoC), we counsel clients on ways they can create deeper and more enriched site experiences for visitors to effectively capture audience information via 1st party pixels.

If you have questions about what this all means for your business and how we can help, please feel free to reach out to us.

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