Entrust Trusts KC with New Global Brand

KC helped Entrust develop their new global brand and story. Today, it was officially unveiled to the world.

Today, during a global video conference, our clients at Entrust unveiled their new brand to the world. We at KC are incredibly proud to have played a role in helping develop this powerful new identity, voice and story.

This day is the culmination of a lot of hard work and true collaboration. Our teams have worked flawlessly—during a pandemic no less—to create and launch a new brand that truly represents the important role Entrust plays in keeping the world moving safely.

Entrust’s products and services range from access controls for critical government agencies to machines that issue passports and IDs to encryption technology that secures digital experiences and transactions. Most people don’t realize 80% of the world’s credit cards exist thanks to Entrust technology. Now, they will.

KC’s work began with helping Entrust arrive at a new brand strategy and positioning (through our Truth Workshop). This lead to the development of a new identity including a new name, logo and design language. To support the launch of their new brand, KC also created a bold creative campaign that showcases the breadth of their portfolio and their importance in ensuring trusted identities, payments and data protections.

The campaign will be rolled out globally through a multi-channel approach developed by our in-house modern media team. The media launch will include programmatic, LinkedIn and  business publications such as IDG, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and The Economist.

Some of the most entrusted organizations in the world trust Entrust. We couldn’t be prouder that they trusted us with their new brand.

Brand Announcement Video

Global Brand Video

Brand Announcement Campaign

Programmatic Banners