Kruskopf & Company adds global concrete and refuse vehicle manufacturer to growing list of clients.


McNeilus Truck with KC agency logo

KC was recently named agency of record for McNeilus Companies, a division of Oshkosh Corporation. They are one of the largest manufacturers of refuse vehicles and concrete mixers in the world, and located in Dodge Center, MN.

“We ultimately chose to work with KC because we thought they could give the edge to our branding/messaging that we’re looking for and we really liked the insights and leverage the Truth Workshop can potentially offer us,” said Kelli McConahey, Senior Marketing Representative for McNeilus.

McNeilus Companies is an industry-leading provider of refuse vehicles and concrete mixers, as well as parts and services. KC is excited to bring their strategic and programmatic media prowess as well as creative services to help McNeilus grow.

KC had not one, but two commercials air during the Super Bowl. We worked on the 15-second spots as part of an ongoing campaign for HealthPartners, and it was a treat to watch the ads premiere during the big game on Sunday. As a Minnesotan agency advertising for a Minnesotan healthcare organization, we were excited to feature local hip-hop queen Lizzo and her upbeat track “Good As Hell” in both spots. And we aren’t the only ones celebrating.

Did you miss the game? You can watch our HealthPartners spots and dance to Lizzo right here:


KC recently partnered with ONE20, a free membership and new app for professional truck drivers and suppliers. The online community includes truck-safe navigation, exclusive discounts from partners, and insights from fellow drivers on places, amenities and deals that make life on the road more convenient, enjoyable and cost effective.

It all began in February 2016 with the “Truck That” campaign, which has been extremely successful in reaching over 2.1 million truckers monthly, and it will now live permanently in the ONE20 app as a curated social media platform. The platform supports drivers and the everyday issues they face on the road, and it provides a space for them to sound off about life behind the wheel.  Truckers are encouraged to share their on-the-road moments on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram using #truckthat.

KC designed an RV wrap to supplement the ONE20 brand launch last month. The guerrilla marketing will reach drivers on the road and at shows, and introduce truckers to the new app. The loud, attention-grabbing wrap taps into the mindset of truckers and inspires drivers to join the trucker community. The RV shows the benefits of a ONE20 membership and how it appeals to their lives on the road, so drivers know they aren’t alone.

mobile advertising

HealthPartners came to KC with “Make Good Happen,” a brand expression developed in 2013 as the company combined with Park Nicollet. “Make Good Happen” created a unifying position for all areas of the new HealthPartners to rally behind. Two years from launch, HealthPartners and KC recognized the need to deepen not only the messaging, but the emotional connection to the audience.

The Truth about healthcare consumers is that they are highly skeptical, and believe most health organizations are the same. They want a partner they can trust, and one that offers a unique benefit.

To uncover the Truth about HealthPartners, KC led a Truth Session with key business leaders to drive the evolution of Make Good Happen. In this session, research was discussed that revealed that for over a decade HealthPartners members and patients had the best health outcomes in Minnesota. KC took this insight and brought it to the forefront, evolving the creative into a campaign that focuses on this solid point of differentiation, and breathes new life into “Make Good Happen.” KC also positioned HealthPartners as the partner we all need, highlighting their passionate, caring culture dedicated to improving health for all.

To launch the campaign KC developed a fully integrated media plan with an emphasis on digital channels. The campaign launched in August 2016 with digital display, online video, radio, television and newspaper. See the work.

After creating a fun fan site for Plasti Dip, KC got down to business. Earlier this year we were tasked with designing a new website for Plasti Dip International (PDI), a Minnesota-based company specializing in protective coatings and adhesives.

The company has changed and grown over the last forty years, but the website hadn’t kept up. We needed to design a site with a fresh look and clear structure without alienating customers familiar with the old site. User experience was key.

While preparing to kick off the project, we recommended two new website designs: one for consumers, and one for B2B. PDI functions as two brands in one, so it made sense to split the website into two to better serve two unique audiences: for consumer products such as Plasti Dip® and SuperGrip®, and for manufacturers and industrial users and distributors.

We needed to distinguish the two sites from each other while keeping them under the same umbrella brand, so we created two unique and complementary looks that each represent the existing brand look and feel for both Plasti Dip and Performix.

Both of the responsive websites also function a little differently for each target audience. The consumer website leverages the equity of Plasti Dip to introduce customers to their other lesser known home products, with usage tips and FAQs to inspire and educate customers. The B2B website was built around a functional mega menu design with industrial products broken down into categories and types of coatings to help users quickly navigate to the product that is best for their needs.

Now Plasti Dip has a sleek yet familiar look and feel for its brand identities, and the websites work harder at reaching the needs of consumers for home goods as well as manufacturers and industrial distributors.

KC’s client 3M™ Privacy Filters has been awarded the Global Marketing Excellence Award for the 2014 visual hacking campaign we worked on together.

The threat of visual hacking

When thinking about visual privacy and the risk of revealing confidential and sensitive information on exposed screens, 3M needed a better way to highlight the serious threat. 3M™ Privacy Filters are the solution, but what problem do they solve? Enter KC. The agency developed the term ‘visual hacking’ to heighten and dramatize the risk of shoulder surfing.

Jessica Walton, Marketing Communications Manager at 3M Display Materials & Systems Division, says, “People hear the term shoulder surfing and don’t think it’s a serious enough threat to warrant the purchase of a filter. This is far from the case. Your sensitive information is at risk of being stolen when your screen is in clear sight.”

After identifying the problem, 3M shifted the target audience focus from consumer and business audiences to a primarily B2B audience, reaching high-level decision makers and privacy and IT officers who could initiate large-scale purchases of 3M™ Privacy Filters to protect company data from prying eyes.

The campaign

3M partnered with Dr. Larry Ponemon, a leading privacy expert, to conduct the Visual Hacking Experiment and show how quickly and easily visual hackers can access private information. The agency worked on paid, owned and shared media to build awareness, promote sampling and drive sales of privacy filters. Risk assessment tools and digital content helped simplify the purchasing process and educate the audience on the importance of visual privacy.

The results

These changes, alongside an integrated, digital marketing campaign, helped 3M™ Privacy Filters grow significantly and earn the Global Marketing Excellence Award. Sales, website visits and impressions went up. Awareness and Usage tracking showed that recognition and quality perception for 3M also increased, outdistancing all other competitors.

And the campaign continues to grow each year. The visual hacking message and campaign has been expanded to regions outside the U.S. to kick-start privacy filter sales around the world.

According to Walton, “This campaign represented a pretty big departure, especially in terms of audience, but we got there in a calculated way—by researching who was influencing the large scale purchases, and understanding how to reach them with the privacy filter solution. It was an investment that paid significant dividends.”

KC has worked with multiple 3M products and divisions, including Healthcare, Electronics & Energy, Industrial, and Safety & Graphics. See more of our work.

We worked with Patterson Dental to create D5, a new program for dental students and recent graduates interested in private practice dentistry.

We worked with 3M to sponsor a video by comedian and prankster Jack Vale to highlight how quickly and easily visual hacking can occur.